Long Lake Lap 2018 Results

Long Lake Lap 2018 Results

Thank you all for coming out to the 2018 Long Lake Lap! Open – Mens (3 laps) Joe Manns / Dana Henry 1:43:09 Open – Mixed (3 laps) Maria Schilling / Ryan Peterson 1:45:18 Io Harberts / Greg Zophy 1:51:03 Emily Broderson / Chris Broderson 1:52:31 Mary Bauer...

Marathon Program Season Opens

The RCBC Marathon season opened on Monday, May 2, for the first wave of paddlers.  Often, paddlers wait until school is over to join RCBC, so you still can join!  We meet from 5:30-7:15 pm on Long Lake in New Brighton…learn to paddle racing canoes and kayaks!...

RCBC Sprint update – 2/28

We’re all looking forward to getting on the water sooner rather than later, I know. A few of us will be heading to Florida for spring break in just a couple of weeks, and hopefully by the time we get back it will be open water!

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