After Saturday’s mini-heatwave, can open water be far behind???

We’re all looking forward to getting on the water sooner rather than later, I know.  A few of us will be heading to Florida for spring break in just a couple of weeks, and hopefully by the time we get back it will be open water!

One major change to the calendar:  Canada Day at Regina will be July 2-3, NOT 9-10 as originally indicated.  This means we will drive up on Thursday night (or Friday morning for some), be in Regina for their Canada Day celebration, have two days of high quality racing, and hit the road for home in time for our 4th of July!

Registration is on-line and working.  Please make sure you register sooner rather than later.  This will help us firm up our planning for the season, pay our club fees, insurance and so on.  If you have any questions about what category you should register for, please contact Arndt or me.
On that note, please make sure to renew your USACK racing license!

Karen is working on a storefront to order warmups and casual clothing.  We should have that up in the next week or two.  I encourage everyone to get a jacket, pants or whatever.  It always looks good when we wear our gear – best advertising in the world.  I was in Culver’s last night and had a couple ask me about RCBC. It only took a minute, but they were interested to hear that there *was* a club.  You just never know who might have kids/grandkids or friends who want might be interested, or someone might have something to donate!

And on that subject, the ‘all club’ info meeting is March 31st.  Whether sprint or marathon, please spread the word and invite your interested friends!  You (athletes and parents) are the best recruiters of all.


We’re not doing the pre-season weight training this year.  It was a nice chance to get everyone together and lift on Sunday afternoons, but I couldn’t make my schedule work to do it on a regular basis.

I would encourage everyone to do a bit of ‘sport specific’ work this spring in anticipation of getting on the water. Many of you are involved in a sport this spring, and that will help with endurance (and hopefully some strength as well).  The principal areas for most people to work on are core and upper body strength.  Core is not just crunches – you are really trying to get all of the ‘small muscles’ that are required for stability in a boat to fire.  That means a diet of planks, pointing dogs, Russian Twists, paddler’s nightmares, back pushups, snakebites and reach-unders, plus pull-ups, push-ups, dips and squats.  All can be done body-weight only.

If you have access to weights and want a more defined program, please let me know and I can set up a schedule for you.

We are pulling the coach boat out of storage this week to get it ready for the season.  We’ll pull the other boats and rack out after Spring break and will need help with that.  Also, one weekend in May we’ll be taking ‘Splinter’ (Struer K-40) from its winter storage at Finn Sisu and going down to a hanger in South St Paul to sand it and spray lacquer on it.  We will need some help that weekend.  But that’s a long way away.

Skiing is about done.  Let’s get outside and run or ride, play a little soccer or lacrosse, and get ready to paddle!

Coach Marsh